Advanced Orders on any Exchange

While crypto exchanges only allow to trade using simple Limit and Stop orders, Superorders adds advanced order types by handling all logic on it's servers.

Trailing Sell & Buy

Hidden from Orderbook

Stop Loss + Take Profit

Cross-Exchange Orders Trading Conditional Orders

Conditional Strategies – Easy

Catch the drop and buy 3 assets at a time when other asset goes to certain level and reverses. Alternatively sell all your portfolio if one of the assets crashes. Sounds hard? With Superorder it's 1 minute.

Share Strategies!

Made a good strategy or you regularly making trade calls? Use Superorder sharing feature to allow your followers easily copy that.

See shared example Share Strategies

More Cool Stuff

Mobile Friendly

Interface made with all respect to your mobile, so you can use Superorder on the go.

Charting Integrated

Plan your strategies using TradingView charts right from Superorder Dashboard. No need to switch tabs or distract.

Portfolio Tracking

A simple but useful portfolio tracker will track and show your balances on all integrated exchanges.

Supported Exchanges



Superorder is free to use with limit of 1 running strategy.
Our PRO plan with increased limits starts from $15.90/month

Each new account comes with a 14 day trial

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And enjoy stress-free trading

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We've made up all names as it's only email required for sign up, but not the reviews!


Excellent program and im about to start using it. I love how it takes the emotion out of a purchase and sale :)

Ross Ellis

My friend just send me a screenshot of his order setup in Superorder, and after thinking for 2 seconds and realising the potential of your program, my brain just exploded! Within 3 seconds I signed up with my email on your website!

Bob Numark

I haven't provided feedback yet as really Super Order does everything I need and has worked reliably since I started to use it over a month ago.