Automate your crypto trading 

Superorder is a beautiful trading terminal and powerful automation tool, allowing to create and run trading strategies using visual interface and helping to win on 24/7 markets.

Program without programming

Use different blocks to build your trading decision or automate trading signal from your favorite group. Plus logical operators are here for you to allow things like simultaneous take profit with stop loss and more.

Trailing Buys & Sells

Get Trailing Buys & Trailing Sells everywhere, even if exchange doesn't support it. Don't leave profits on the table. Superorder enhances every exchange with additional features.

Hidden from Orderbook

Use our strategy builder and you can easily execute market orders when price reaches defined level thus keeping your orders away from Orderbook.

Cross-Exchange Orders

Sell your Alts Bags on Binance when BTC starting to dump on Bitmex. Get that by using 2 blocks in our Strategy builder. It is that easy.

Pull it all together

Sync your favorite exchanges, then build a strategy in seconds. Without code. Make the most of advanced order types while keeping everything in one place. 

Binance Trading for Pros


Binance is Shanghai-based trading platform for more than 100 cryptocurrencies.
Bittrex Trading for Pros


Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
Bitmex Trading for Pros


Bitmex is high-leverage derivative trading platform with HQ in Hong Kong.

Trading Terminal as it has to be

All indicators, charting, multiple timeframes using quick access. All that you need and even more for your immersive automated trading.

What People Say About Us

My friend just send me a screenshot of his order setup in Superorder, and after thinking for 2 seconds and realising the potential of your program, my brain just exploded! Within 3 seconds I signed up with my email on your website!

Ross Ellis

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How do I start using Superorder?

Initially, register and get access to your fresh account linked to our crypto terminal. Then, enter your profile on the chosen exchange, generate API keys, and grant them reading and trading permissions. Leave withdrawal ones disabled for higher security.

How to create a strategy and run it?

Just tap the + button and arrange available orders in the desired chain. Remember to choose the appropriate pairs and exchanges. To start the strategy, press the Play button, so the cryptocurrency trading terminal will execute orders automatically. In details, you can read about strategies

Which exchanges does Superorder support currently?

Right now, our terminal for crypto exchanges connects with Binance and Bittrex. We are working on introducing new platforms, so expect Coinbase, Bifinex, and Bitmex soon.

Why order rates on Superorder and Binance are different?

Binance has certain rounding intervals in which prices can slightly move up or down. When you place your order via the crypto trading terminal, Superorder rounds prices to meet Binance requirements. Means, you still trade the same way as on this exchange, so don’t worry.

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