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  • Explore cryptocurrency bot strategies for different markets, backtested and optimized
  • Run automated bot and let it trade 24/7 without manual control
  • Compare results and profitability using in-depth stats
  • Great and user-friendly for beginners
  • Prices start from 0.009 BTC per month
Сrypto Trading Bots

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Susy the Baller
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: XBT/USD
Timeframe: 1H Timeframe
Leverage: x5
Net Profit: 2,838.5%
Return vs. Market: +2,668.98%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.015/mo
Mr. Ripple
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: XRPU19 (XRP/BTC)
Timeframe: 1H Timeframe
Leverage: x3
Net Profit: 249.51%
Return vs. Market: +295.19%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.01/mo
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: ETH/USD
Timeframe: 1H Timeframe
Leverage: x5
Net Profit: 895%
Return vs. Market: +865.65%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.01/mo
Milk Scalper
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: XBT/USD
Timeframe: 5M Timeframe
Leverage: x25
Net Profit: 410.75%
Return vs. Market: +372.43%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.01/mo
Cherry Pick Bot
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: XBT/USD
Timeframe: 4H Timeframe
Leverage: x5
Net Profit: 1063.9%
Return vs. Market: +1087.52%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.015/mo
Happy Hammer
Trading Bot for Bitmex
Trading Pair: XBT/USD
Timeframe: 4H Timeframe
Leverage: x5
Net Profit: 1,011.63%
Return vs. Market: +986.45%
Rent Now from ₿ 0.009/mo
Full Automation
By getting a cryptocurrency trading bot, you free yourself from nights near the screen. Just rent a bot, run it, and relax. Our automated software handles all trading stages and generates revenue constantly
Wide choice
Compare various curated bot strategies in the marketplace and find the best one for your demand. We have offers for bitmex and binance, bittrex are coming soon.
Comprehensive Statistics
Bots’ pages reveal the most crucial info. Check how the trade bot work by analyzing net profitability. Find daily profits for each strategy and compare them using charts

Your questions answered

How trading bots work at all?
A crypto trading bot is an API-based algorithm that trades on your behalf using account details on a connected exchange. Superorder bots are based on user-generated strategies, tested and optimized by our experts.
Where these strategies came from?
Bots for cryptocurrency trading and their algorithms are designed and backtested by other Superorder traders. Additionally, experts from Superorder team review and optimize them.
Is it required to install any software?
You don’t have to download or install any apps. Our crypto trading terminal is a cloud-based solution. Bots also run in the native scalable VPS cloud.
Is it legit and safe to rent cryptocurrency trading bots?
Yes. These programs use your API keys so they act as regular traders, actually. By leaving withdrawal permissions disabled, you protect your funds fully.
How much will I earn using bots?
There aren’t guaranteed profits due to market volatility. Superorder bots provide tools for trading automation and simplification. Still, you should conduct extra research to use strategies properly.
What do I need to start trading?
Just connect one or several chosen exchanges and purchase a suitable bot for cryptocurrency trading. Then, specify how much you want to trade. That’s it. Relax while the program makes money for you!
On what exchanges I can use bots?
Right now, we support crypto bots for BitMEX only but other are coming soon. Traditional Superorder interface and strategy builder also provides access to Binance and Bittrex exchanges.
Do I need to deposit funds in order to rent a bot?
Superorder doesn’t hold the traders’ money at all. You can connect your account on the chosen exchange using API. Bots use funds from this account.
Which pairs do you support?
We started with bitcoin trading bots on Bitmex exchange. Altcoin trading strategies are coming soon.
Do you offer refunds?
We are not able to accommodate refunds for payments made using crypto as your funds are being passed to the strategy authors, that's why we are trying our best to show supported pair, exchange and realtime trading history with entry/exit dates and PNL before you purchase.

How do I start using Superorder?

Initially, register and get access to your to terminal. Then, enter your profile on the chosen exchange, generate API keys, and grant them reading and trading permissions.

How to create a strategy and run it?

Use our built-in visual strategy builder and pre-made actions like orders, conditions and logical operators to create your unique trading strategy. It's like playing with LEGO but for trading.

Which exchanges does Superorder support currently?

Right now, our terminal for crypto exchanges connects with Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex and CEX.IO. We are working on introducing new platforms, so expect Coinbase, Bifinex.

Are my funds secure?

Superorder does not accept API keys with enabled withdrawal permissions so your funds never leave your account. Apart from that there is 2 Factor Authorization to prevent unauthorized access to terminal.

How superorder works?

We utilize connections with your exchange account via Exchange API.

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