Don’t Miss the Chance to Simplify Your Trading

Have a Chrome, use Superorder, and love TradingView charts? So, why not to install our extension and combine all three elements?

In this simple tool, we’ve realized the idea of convenient automated trading. The extension allows to place orders from TradingView directly. With it, you can forget about switching tabs and losing precious time because everything is under one roof in your browser.

Works Where You Chart

Execute orders while you do technical analysis
or check prices on your favorite charting
platform – TradingView
100% automation
All orders are processed by Superorder so you can close the computer and be sure they will be executed.
Clear visualization
Orders appear on the chart as you activate them.
Different order types
Place Market, Limit, and Stop buy/sell orders on several exchanges from a single place.
Secure connections using API
Your funds on your exchange and we don’t accept keys with withdrawal permissions.
Install Extension and Start Trading on TradingView