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With our referral program, everybody can earn extra money. Get 25% from each referral payment for any paid Superorder subscription. The number of referrals is unlimited. The program’s period is unlimited, too!

How to Set Started?

Step 1
To start, you will need the unique link.
Step 2
To start, you will need the unique link. Find it in a dedicated section of the terminal available for registered traders. Just copy and paste the link to invite new users. You can track the stats in this section.
Step 3
More bonuses! Everybody can get $100 from us as a gift. For this, generate your affiliate link, post it, and… wait. You will become a participant of the giveaway after at least one new user registers.
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September Referral Bonus

We give away $100 to one winner of our bounty program. Just post the affiliate link and ensure that at least one trader will sign up using it. Then, you will be listed as a participant. All members of the program will be listed at BitcoinTalk, in the dedicated topic.

How Referral Program Works

To start, it’s enough to post the unique Superorder referral link on the site, blog or social media page. For each referral, you will receive 25% from his/her payments, lifetime. Cash out the earnings in crypto from just $10 or pay for your subscription with 20% discount.

Detailed instructions on how to invite referrals

Info for Participants

Superorder is a crypto terminal for pro traders. Via API, it connects to exchanges (Binance, BittMEX, Bittrex) and allows you to trade on all of them from one place. Moreover, it brings the perfect automation. In the drag-and-drop strategy builder, you can create trading strategies using advanced order types.
Add Buy/Sell orders, put Trailing Stops, insert pro conditions like MACD and RSI indicators, split strategies into several parts with Forks, etc. Start with testing strategies using demo funds in the Sandbox. Access automated bots based on custom expert-generated and optimized strategies.
Superorder is the terminal that automates trading. Once you’re finished with building, run the strategy. Superorder monitors prices and executes orders. Thus, you can sleep tight when the terminal trades on your behalf. No coding skills required!