Trade From Your Chart

Trading where it should be - on your own chart at Tradingview. No need to switch tabs anymore.

Works Where You Chart

Execute orders while you do technical analysis
or check prices on your favorite charting
platform – TradingView
Order execution
Trade without switching tabs, our extension adds order form to the TradingView Sidebar.
Visual Trading
All submitted orders are visible on your chart.
Trade using % of balance
Don't want to calculate how much you need to buy? Execute order using % of balance and we do the calculations for you.
Order History
Built in order history to see at which price order was filled and when.

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All your orders are synced with exchange and your chart, so you can see them alongside your Technical Analysis.
Install Extension and Start Trading on TradingView

How does this work exactly?

Once you add extension to your chrome browser you are required to authorize or create account on Superorder as well as save your API keys. Later when you interact with the extension and place orders we are using our server architecture to ensure that they are delivered to exchanges.

Are my funds secure?

We do not accept API keys with enabled withdrawal permissions so your funds never leave your account. Superorder is only acting as a trade execution engine.

Which exchanges are supported by Superorder?

Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex,

Can you add my exchange?

Please reach out to support, so we can prioritize new exchanges using customer demand

How much does it cost?

Currently chrome extension is an add-on to Superorder's Terminal that is why all the limits and pricing are the same.

You said limits?

Yes, there are limits in terms of your monthly traded volume, please check Pricing

Can I use it for free?

Yes, you can! There is a 3 day trial with our most expensive plan and then you will be migrated to a FREE one with $1,000 trading volume per month.

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