Ultimate Crypto Trading Automation Guide

Hello and welcome to the all-in-one guide dedicated to the best crypto terminal, our brainchild called Superorder. This manual will help you in understanding the platform, learning basic and pro functions, creating your first strategies and enjoying Superorder at all. Also, be sure to use the Contents section for navigation.

Table of Contents

Feature Description
Overview of the Terminal Get to know Superorder and its key features
Chrome Extension Place orders via TradingView using this small tool
The Strategy Builder and Orders Learn how to create automated trading schemes
Supertrade - Easy Way to Take Profits and Stop Loss Set prices and relax as Superorder creates strategies on your behalf
Trailing Stops Explained Powerful dynamic Stop Loss / Take Profit orders
Forks Conditionals that split a strategy into two parts
Indicators Automation Automate RSI, MACD and other indicators
Getting Started Explore the terminal in details and begin trading
Interface Elements Check the functional areas and shiny buttons
Design Your First Strategy Place orders and let Superorder execute them
Chains’ Examples Working schemes for different cases
Notifications with Pushover Use the app to keep in touch with Superorder
Pricing and Plans From $0 Basic to feature-rich Custom plans
FAQ The most popular questions and answers
Possible Errors and Solutions Know how to deal with issues
The Affiliate Program Invite friends and earn together

Overview of the Terminal

Superorder is a simple yet powerful cryptocurrency trading terminal. In a nutshell, it allows you to trade on multiple exchanges from a single place with access to advanced features. They are as follows:

Automated deals

Superorder executes orders when specified conditions are met. You don’t have to monitor the process at all.

Chrome Extension

We support direct trading from the TradingView platform. It’s enough to add our extension to your Chrome Browser and get an account to start.

Crypto trading bots

Use automated and backtested bots for BitMEX. No need to code or modify, just rent and enjoy.

Strategy builder

This tool for traders provides for combining orders (e.g. buy and sell) and conditions (prices and rate changes) in automated chains.

New order types

With Superorder, you can use Trailing Stops, combined Stop Losses, and hidden orders on all supported exchanges.

Customizable charts

The crypto terminal gives access to statistics visualized by TradingView. You can choose from standard timeframes or specify your own one.


Finally, it’s simple to manage digital assets using a built-in portfolio tracker. It’s easy to compare profits and losses for any given period.

Chrome Extension

This simple module expands trading capabilities. The extension integrates into Chrome browsers and adds a new trading section to TradingView. Thus, you can analyze charts and place deals without switching tabs and wasting time.

To start using the Chrome extension, do the following:

  1. Add the extension to your browser via the Chrome store
  2. Open TradingView and find the Superorder icon in the right bar
  3. Create and/or enter your account to activate the trading screen
  4. Place orders you want, check the history, and analyze charts

The Strategy Builder and Orders

The drag-and-drop builder is responsible for a key feature of our trading terminal for crypto exchanges as it allows to create working chains of orders. Currently, Superorder supports 8 actions and 4 conditions:


Limit Buy and Limit Sell

Classic Limit orders in which you
can specify a desired price
of buying/selling assets.

Market Buy and Market Sell

Also traditional orders which allow
you to buy or sell crypto instantly,
at market price.

Stop Loss

Being great protection from volatility,
this action will sell your coins after
price felt below any specified rate

Trailing Buy and Trailing Sell
These orders are dynamic
Stop Loss alternatives which move
the specified bottom level as long
as price rises. In case of the dump, this level remains static and acts
as a classic Stop Loss.
A simple reminder which sends
a notification to your linked Pushover
app or to email. To get an alarm, just
place it in the chosen place inside
the trading chain and wait until it
will be activated
External Trigger
This element activates only when
Superorder receives a specific external
alert, e.g. an email or a POST request
from TradingView


Wait for Rate

It’s a basis for further deals
because it doesn’t allow next
orders to be executed without
reaching the specified price

Rate Change

You can attach this one to
a previous order or track market
price change.

AND Fork and OR Fork

Split a single chain into two subpaths.
One prong may disable another
(OR Fork) or be executed
in parallel (AND Fork).

MACD Indicator

Allows to identify the trend’s power and direction. You can attach subsequent action orders to this condition.

RSI Indicator

Helps to reveal when a given asset is overbought or oversold. Similarly, the indicator defines when to execute the next orders.

Creating new action


This feature expands the power of crypto automated trading. With it, you can use Take Profits and Stop Losses without even using the strategy builder.

Just specify how much coins you want to get and at what rate, set Take Profit levels, and enable a Stop Loss barrier. After that, you will see potential profits and losses of a given crypto trade.

Technically, the function is based on automated combinations of Market/Limit Buy/Sell orders, a Wait for Rate condition, and Forks. Note that the lower OR sub-Fork with Stop Losses will be active all the time until there are active upper AND Forks.

To access Super Trade, just click the eponymous button near other orders (Market, Limit, Trailing). Then add the required data and create a strategy that will start immediately. Rest assured, Superorder will handle subsequent crypto trading processes. Learn more about Super Trade and its usage.

Trailing Stops Explained

Trailings feature moving barriers which constantly follow price changes at a specified distance (e.g. 5% interval between the barrier and the current rate), so you can secure profits or protect from losses automatically. Means, there’s no need to manually change static Stop Loss if you have access to Trailings with our Bitcoin trading terminal.

Trailing Buy

It is wonderful when you want to purchase crypto at the lowest price. The order will trail a downtrend and will activate after rate increases and hits the chosen stop value.

The pic illustrates a simple example. Say, you opened a short position at $3,650 per BTC and set a Trailing Buy with $50 distance. It will follow rates all the way during the downtrend. Later, from the lowest point at $3,475 the price may turn up so the order will be executed at $3,475 + $50 = $3,525. Your profit is $125.

Trailing Sell

It works similarly. This one will follow an uptrend up to the peak and will trigger once price moves down. So, the order is indispensable for selling digital assets with maximum profits.

Let’s look at Trailing Sell example. Here, you are in the long position started at $3,500. Similarly, you decided to set a Trailing Sell with $50 distance to follow the uptrend. The highest peak on the image is at $3,625 from which rates move down. And the order will be executed at $3,625 – $50 = $3,575 with pure $75 profit.

Indicators Explained

To define the required conditions for buy and sell orders, you can use more elaborate stuff like technical indicators. Currently, Superorder supports two of them:


Differences between moving averages are great to identify the trend’s features. Using the terminal, you can specify the condition using wide options, e.g. MACD greater/less/equal than a certain value or MACD signal/histogram. Moreover, you can set a condition like MACD crossovers bottom to top and vice versa. Finally, you have access to indicator settings like periods, intervals, and source.


This tech indicator helps to identify trends, as well. It shows zones where the coin is overbought or oversold so you can decide to sell or buy assets. It’s easier to tune this condition as you have only one variable – RSI itself. It can be greater/less/equal than specific value or can crossover the defined level bottom to top/top to bottom. Indicator settings include period, interval, and source.

Getting Started

To launch your first strategy and start crypto automated trading, it’s important to make several preliminary steps. Firstly, sign up at the official website to get your unique URL which you can use to log in using any device. After that, open settings of the created account and link exchanges by generating secret combinations. For now, Superorder works with two exchanges, so check mini guides on connecting both:



Log in, move to API Settings

This is what you will see after clicking on the link above. Don't be afraid, we don't have access to anything yet.


Create the API key

We need Read and Trading permissions within your key so we can process deals. We won't have withdrawal permissions so your funds are safu.


Start using Superorder.io

Simply copy-paste a key and a secret to Superorder. You wil have instant access to your trading automatization via Superorder.io.



Go to Exchange

Enter your account and go to API Settings.


Create the API key

Create keys with Read, Trade Limit, and Trade Market permissions. As Bittrex supports Limit and Market orders we need those permissions to operate sleek.


Start using Superorder.io

Simply copy-paste a key and a secret to Superorder. You wil have instant access to your trading automatization via Superorder.io.



Go to Exchange

Enter your account and go to API Settings.


Create the API key

Create a key with Read Info and Enable Trading options.


Start using Superorder.io

Paste keys in the related Superorder inputs in Settings.

For Higher Safety

For higher safety, consider adding IPs of the professional crypto trading terminal to white lists of external websites. Use only three addresses highlighted here.

Further, explore the «Security» section. We suggest enabling 2FA as the necessary security measure for money transactions. Here, you also can create a public username. Other settings are described in the next parts of the guide.

Interface Elements

After you’re done with settings, proceed to trades. The main screen of Superorder crypto terminal features four basic parts with key actions to do via them:

1. Left menu

Choose exchange, choose coin pair, check last price, 24h change, daily max and min rates, switch the builder layout, open support chat and site map.

2. Central upper part

Explore TradingView charts with various preferences.

3. Central lower part

Get access to strategy builder or current orders.

4. Right menu

Check current strategies, completed orders, and the order book.

Design Your First Strategy

From the interface elements, now you should check the rightmost one. It features your existing strategies and this shiny button: «Create New Strategy». Hit it to open the builder right under charts.

In the builder, you can add orders using the + button, modify conditions like coin pairs, exchanges, amounts, and operators (More; More or Equal; Less; Less or Equal). Usually, traders start with Wait for Rate, then add Buy or Sell orders, and then develop more advanced strategies. With +, you can add Stop orders or split chains via Forks, as well.

Right Menu Functionality

Now, return to the right part where New Strategy is listed. You can rename this chain, duplicate it, delete or, most importantly, run it. Once you’re satisfied with the strategy, hit the start button to delegate things to our smart cryptocurrency trading terminal.

Chains’ Examples

The following images (clickable) include some examples of strategies you can create using the crypto trading terminal Superorder. Obviously, there are much more variations.

Buy Trailing Stop

The strategy consists of Wait for Rate element and Trailing Buy so Superorder will monitor the market for the desired price and then will open a Trailing Stop order with the specified distance from the previously reached rate.

Sell Trailing Stop

The strategy is similar to the previous one but it’s based on Trailing Sell instead of Trailing Buy. Our crypto trading terminal also will wait for the specified price and then put the order to secure your profits.

Stop Loss OR Take Profit

It’s a traditional example of a double strategy based on Forks. Initially, we ask Superorder to Wait for Rate and then buy the mentioned amount of coins (1 BTC) at this rate. The next element is OR Fork that splits this strategy into two parts. If the price goes up, the terminal will sell 1 BTC at the desired rate. Otherwise, it will trigger a Stop Loss order to minimize losses in case of price decreasing.

Stage Trailings

Here’s more complicated example of Forks’ usage. In this case, we buy 20 LTC for the best price using Wait for Rate and already mentioned Trailing Buy. Then, we open AND Fork to sell 100% of funds on the uptrend to secure profits or buy even more LTC on the downtrend to increase the position. The next AND Fork works the same way. You can add these splits several times to cover all possible price movements.  

Sell All

The simple chain that triggers sell of all altcoins after huge BTC price decrease. Firstly, we sell BTC using Trailing Sell and then immediately get rid of all coins with Market Sells.

Buy Back

An opposite to the previous point. Here, we wait for the desired price, then buy BTC via Trailing Buy, and also purchase altcoins with Market Buys.

Notifications with Pushover

Superorder supports also smart alerts with which you will not miss important actions or market movements. To link the app, get it for iOS or Android from the official website, create an account, and find your Pushover User Key.
Enter this combination in the eponymous field in the «Notifications» section of your Superorder account and save changes.

This tool for traders comes with 4 notification types, as for now:

Wait for Rate condition is met

An existing order is filled

A running chain is finished

A running chain failed due to error

Simple & flexible pricing
built for everyone

Start with 3-day free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel at anytime.

Billing Cycle
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Monthly trading volume
Support Level
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Your questions answered

How to start using Superorder?
Sign up and get your unique URL, then connect exchanges by generating and pasting API keys with reading and trading permissions.
Why prices on Binance and Superorder are different?
It’s all because the exchange rounds rates, so our crypto trading terminal also has to do this to meet requirements. Read more about this issue.
How to start trading??
Press the «Create New Strategy» button in the upper right corner of the crypto terminal, then add orders using the + button, and run the chain with the start toggle.
Why Market Buy/Sell orders have unequal prices?
The thing is we have to add or remove 10% from the initial price to put your order on the top of the order book.
Read more about this issue.
Which exchanges are available now?
Binance and Bittrex only. In one or two months we’re going to add more markets including Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Bitmex.
Where can I find more info about Superorder?
Check the Articles section with detailed guides about our crypto terminal. Also, you can enjoy the project’s Medium page.

Possible Errors and Solutions

As much as we’d like to create a flawless crypto trading terminal, Superorder is only in the Beta stage, so you can face some issues with functionality or settings. Overall, existing problems can be divided into three groups.

Exchange Errors

Startup Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into any design. All of the components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions.

User Errors

This category features various issues with orders inside the crypto terminal. For instance, you can mistype an amount of coins to be purchased or set 1 BTC distance for Trailings instead of 1%. It’s simple to solve errors by contacting our support center and specifying your concern.

crypto terminal errors

It includes issues with our software or hardware. In this case, you will see something like «Cannot read property status of undefined», most possibly. So far as Superorder is a relatively fresh product, we admit that errors are possible. Sorry for inconvenience in advance.
Have a Questions?
Unfortunately a lot of things can happen. You can email us for help.
Email Us Now!
The first thing you should to try when facing an error, is to reload the problematic strategy by pressing Retry. This process allows solving some minor issues without stopping trading, so the chosen strategy will continue working from the same order. If this didn’t help, it means that the cryptocurrency trading terminal can’t connect to the exchange and you should reload the strategy. Note that it will start from the very beginning after reloading!

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